Manage your clients from small subcontractors to large construction groups. Manage multiple offices, sites and contacts.

SitePad, construction sales software, offers a unique, fast and simple way of viewing the entire client account in a single view. Clearly see the client's credit limit, potential, active and prospective sites, along with offices and contacts.

Client Groups

Grouping large construction clients into their holding groups allows for better organisation and management of diverse client portfolios, ensuring efficient communication and tailored services.

Client Details

To effectively manage clients and increase sales, understanding their specific requirements and preferences is crucial, allowing for targeted sales strategies and improved customer satisfaction.

Client Credit Limits

Maintaining and monitoring client credit limits, along with suggested credit limits, provides a streamlined process for financial transactions, reducing the risk of credit issues and enhancing overall financial management.

Client Offices

Keeping track of multiple offices associated with each client facilitates smoother coordination and communication across different locations, enabling personalised services as per regional needs.

Client Sites

Monitoring multiple construction sites linked to clients helps in better project management and ensures timely deliveries, ultimately enhancing client satisfaction and long-term business relationships.

Client Contacts

Creating and updating multiple contacts as they move within your client organisations guarantees up-to-date communication channels and ensures that no key person is overlooked during interactions.

Client Notes

Storing client-related notes, business development meetings, and calls provides valuable insights for future reference, aiding in more targeted and personalised client interactions.

Client Documents

Enabling the ability to upload and view client documents simplifies document sharing and collaboration, ensuring easy access to essential information for improved decision-making.

Client Segments

Segmenting the client base and applying filters allows for focused marketing efforts, personalized services, and better allocation of resources based on construction client characteristics and preferences.

Client Categories

Categorising clients as house builders, main contractors, and sub-contractors streamlines data management and helps tailor services and offers according to specific industry requirements.

Client Organisational Charts

The feature to drag and drop contacts to create organisational charts enhances understanding of client hierarchies, fostering efficient communication and decision-making within complex organisations.

De-duplicate Data

SitePad's automatic de-duplication tool ensures that the system maintains clean data by preventing the creation of duplicate records, reducing errors and improving the overall data quality.