Quickly & easily add you entertainment events on the move with SitePad construction sales software.

SitePad construction sales CRM allows you to add small or large event types with multiple client contacts and internal sales reps along with event details, types and expense receipts. Reporting on your event costs, clients and locations.

Apply Entertainment to Multiple Contacts

SitePad Construction CRM software includes key features of entertainment tracking providing the ability to apply entertainment to multiple contacts simultaneously. Whether you are hosting a business dinner, a corporate event, or simply enjoying a social gathering, this functionality allows you to efficiently manage and record all the contacts involved.

Apply Entertainment to Clients

In a business environment, managing relationships with your construction clients is paramount in any software package, and entertainment plays a significant role in fostering connections. With the "Apply Entertainment to Clients" feature, you can easily associate specific entertainment activities with your clients' profiles.

Track Event Dates

Keeping track of event dates is crucial when managing your entertainment activities. The entertainment tracking system allows you to maintain a calendar of all your scheduled events and engagements, ensuring that you never miss an important date.

Event Types

Entertainment takes various forms in the construction industry, and each type of event requires different considerations and planning. The "Event Types" feature allows you to categorise your entertainment activities into multiple types, ranging from sporting events like football and horse racing to formal dinners and cultural outings.

Expense Types

When entertaining contacts, with SitePad Construction CRM, expenses can quickly add up and become challenging to manage. The "Expense Types" feature provides a solution by allowing you to categorize expenses based on different types, such as tickets, drinks, meals, transportation, and more.

Receipt Uploads

To ensure the accuracy and completeness of your entertainment expense records, the entertainment tracking system offers a "Receipt Uploads" feature. This allows you to easily capture and store digital copies of receipts for each entertainment expense.

Sales Person

In construction businesses with multiple sales personnel handling different client portfolios, tracking entertainment activities can become more complex. The "Sales Person" feature addresses this by enabling you to assign specific entertainment events to individual salespersons. This not only helps in tracking each salesperson's efforts in relationship building but also allows for a fair evaluation of their performance based on client engagements.

Entertainment Cost

Understanding the financial impact of your entertainment activities is vital for budgeting and financial planning. The "Entertainment Cost" feature provides you with a comprehensive view of your entertainment expenses over time.

Entertainment Location

The success of an entertainment event in the construction industry can often be influenced by its location. With the "Entertainment Location" feature, you can easily track and document the locations of each entertainment event. Whether it's a luxurious restaurant, a thrilling sports stadium, or a serene recreational venue, associating specific locations.