SitePad Construction CRM provides fast management of chasing, active and completed sites, all trackable via an interactive map.

Site Map View

See your sites and drop into the nearest ones for business development meetings and site visits. The map view enables business development staff to gain valuable insights into the geographical distribution of their projects, enhancing decision-making and sales process.

Site Details

Capture key information about the construction site including its status in the sales process, site opening times, project value, completion date, location and site access details.

Site Status & Project Value

Easily track the status of your construction sites and assign appropriate values to each project with the Site Status & Project Value functionality. Whether a site is active, completed, or under development, this feature enables you to monitor the progress and financial worth of each project. It ensures that you have a clear overview of your client site portfolio and allows you to prioritise projects accordingly.

Site Services Provided

Keep a well-organised record of the services provided at each construction site using the Site Services Provided feature. Monitor which services are deployed on which sites, allowing you to optimise service allocation.

Site Contacts

With SitePad CRM's Site Contacts feature, managing contacts across different construction sites has never been more straightforward. Quickly see which contacts are associated with specific sites, facilitating effective communication and coordination. This feature helps you build strong relationships with clients, contractors, and stakeholders, promoting seamless project execution.

Site Notes

The Site Notes feature empowers you to capture and organise critical information, including meeting notes, calls, and other essential details relevant to construction sites. This centralised note-taking system enhances collaboration among team members and ensures that no vital information is lost, keeping all stakeholders on the same page.

Site Organisational Charts

Visually represent contacts assigned to various construction sites using the Site Organisational Charts feature. This interactive feature offers a clear and intuitive overview of site personnel, fostering a better understanding of project hierarchies and reporting lines. It enhances project transparency and streamlines communication among team members.

Follow Sites

Stay updated with real-time information by following sites of interest through the Follow Sites feature. Receive notifications and alerts on project progress, status changes, and other crucial updates. This personalised tracking system ensures that you are always informed, making it easier to respond promptly to any site-related developments.