Elevate your client relationships, monitor cranes and operators on site, and unlock new business development opportunities effortlessly.

SitePad offers the perfect CRM solution tailored for companies in the crane hire industry that provide crane assets and operators to client construction sites. Get real-time updates on which cranes and hires are at each site, empowering you to make informed decisions to maximise revenue.

Instant Overview of Your Crane Hire Clients

In the dynamic world of the crane hire industry, achieving operational efficiency is key to successful project delivery. SitePad, designed specifically for crane hire companies, brings an exceptional CRM software solution that revolutionises sales and service management in this sector. Its intuitive interface and advanced features enable professionals to manage potential leads, existing clients, service requests, and other vital sales-related information seamlessly.

Complete Visibility Across Your Client Portfolio

Companies in the crane hire industry need a simple, visual software solution for monitoring their cranes, operators, and hire contracts on-site. SitePad delivers a streamlined way to keep an eye on the sales pipeline. Business development managers and sales executives have an easy, fast, and effective tool to improve sales while managing client relationships and service levels.

Customisable Features
SitePad offers customisable site visit forms and business development meeting templates, complete with support for notes, ratings, and photographs, making it easier to monitor the quality and quantity of services provided.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Time Spent Managing Crane Operations
  • Easily Document Crane Site Visits
  • Organise Business Growth Strategies
  • Never Miss a Reminder or Follow-up
  • Keep Contacts Organised Across Construction Sites
  • Store Notes and Preferences for Your Contacts
  • Visualise All Crane Locations on a Color-Coded Map
  • Analyse Performance with Comprehensive Reports on Schedules and Sales Teams
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Optimized for Low Resource Usage
  • User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface
  • The Complete Solution for Crane Hire Companies
  • Enhance repeat sales by fine-tuning your customer interactions.

Our robust CRM system is essential for exceptional client relationships and is accessible via both desktop and mobile, allowing your sales team to offer excellent service no matter where they are. They can also identify nearby client sites for regular visits effortlessly.

Transparent metrics and insightful reports let you understand the reasons behind successful or failed deals. This invaluable data allows you to assess your sales team's performance and strategize for revenue growth effectively.

With SitePad's Crane CRM software, you can:

  • Log site visits and interactions with both prospective and existing clients.
  • Manage sales inquiries and allocate tasks to team members.
  • View emerging sales opportunities and understand the factors behind lost deals.
  • Monitor the crane services currently on site.
  • Keep track of overall opportunity values.

Revolutionise your crane hire business with SitePad's Crane CRM today.