We’re excited to announce a new feature on SitePad – the Quotations Tool! This new tool is specifically designed to make life easier for hire and plant hire companies.

Sitepad are pleased to announce the launch of version control across our Quotation module! Issue additional versions of the same quotation whilst automatically retaining all previous version history. Revert back to a previous quotation in a tap and track changes until the quotation is approved!

Get Quotes Digitally Approved

SitePad CRM simplifies the process of getting quotes approved by clients. With digital approval capabilities, clients can easily review and approve quotes from anywhere, at any time. This eliminates the need for physical paperwork and speeds up the approval process, allowing businesses to move forward with projects more quickly.

Generate Quotes in Seconds

The platform enables users to generate detailed, accurate quotes in seconds, thanks to its intuitive interface and automation tools. This rapid quote generation saves valuable time and reduces the likelihood of human error, ensuring that potential clients receive prompt and precise proposals.

See When the Customer Has Viewed

SitePad CRM provides real-time notifications that alert you when a client views a quote. This feature offers valuable insights into client engagement, allowing businesses to follow up promptly and effectively. Knowing exactly when a client has viewed a quote can help tailor follow-up communications and improve the chances of securing business.

Sleek Branded Look

The CRM software allows for customization to ensure that all quotes and communications match your company's branding. This sleek, branded look enhances the professional image of your business and creates a consistent brand experience for clients, contributing to a stronger brand identity and client trust.

Get More Business Agreed Faster

By combining digital approval, rapid quote generation, real-time view notifications, and branded communications, SitePad CRM significantly shortens the sales cycle. These features enable businesses to get more agreements finalized faster, improving efficiency and boosting the bottom line.