Maximize revenue with SitePad, the Syrinx integrated CRM software for the Plant & Hire Companies

Maximise your revenue by staying fully informed about your machine assets, hire contracts and operators across client construction sites. With SitePad CRM Software for Plant Companies, you gain real-time visibility into which machines and hires are active at each location allowing informed decisions. Issue digital quotations for your plant and attachments and get online approval.

Track nearby and competitor sites, capture site visits and quality of service whilst being informed of your latest check-ins and contact movements.

Manage the plant services that you provide to site from Bowsers, Breakers, Crushers, Screeners to Dozers, Dumpers and Excavators.

SitePad also provides a seamless Syrinx Integration providing visability of your Hire Contracts, Machine Assets & Operators on your sites from a single data source.

SitePad CRM software for the construction industry

Instant single views of your plant hire clients

In the ever-evolving world of the plant industry, efficiency and streamlined operations are essential for successful project completion. SitePad software, tailored specifically for plant hire companies, offers a unique CRM software solution that transforms the way sales and services are managed in this sector. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, plant industry professionals can now effortlessly keep track of potential leads, existing clients, service requests, and all other crucial sales-related data. Whether you're coordinating between multiple plant sites or ensuring that the right machinery is available at the right time, SitePad simplifies the process, making it faster and more efficient.

Complete visibility across your clients and prospects

Plant hire companies and contractors with a Plant division require a simple software solution to monitor their machines on-site, the quantity of operators and any hire contracts. SitePad allows a visual way to monitor the sales pipeline, providing business development managers and sales executives a simple, fast and effective way to increase sales and manage client relationships and services levels.

SitePad offers customisable site visits forms and business development meeting templates with support for notes, ratings and photographs to allow for the successful monitoring of the quantity and quality of services to site. 

Track the Plant Categories, Machines and individual Fleet Numbers across your client base and their construction sites. Easily monitor the quantity of Plant on site and find opportunities to increase sales.

Key Benefits

  • Minimise Time Spent Managing Plant Operations
  • Effortlessly Record Plant Site Visits
  • Issue Digital Quotations & Get Online Approval
  • Streamline Business Growth Meetings
  • Never Miss a Reminder or Follow-up
  • Organize Contacts as They Move Within Construction Sites
  • Document Notes and Preferences for Your Contacts
  • Visualise All Your Plant Locations on a Color-Coded Map
  • Analyise Performance with Reporting on Schedules and Sales Team
  • Quick Installation with Immediate Use
  • Optimised for Low Resource Usage
  • User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface


Syrinx Integration Features

  • See live On Hire and Pending Off Hire Contracts
  • Monitor the Status of Hire Contacts and Search
  • Create Unconfirmed Hire Contracts from Quotations
  • View Hire Contracts by Client, Site and Date Range
  • View Hire Contracts on SitePad's Map View
  • View Hire Contract Line Items
  • View Machines and Attachments on Site
  • View Plant Operators on Site and live Machines
  • View Plant Breakdowns
  • View Advice Notes
  • View Balance vs Credit Limits


The Complete Solution for Plant Hire Companies

Boost repeat sales by making sure your conversations hit the mark with what your customers need. A single Plant Management system holds all the services and machines you have on-site and conversation data, so your team can go above and beyond in customer service.

A robust customer relationship system is crucial for maintaining excellent client relations. That's why SitePad Plant CRM is accessible via both desktop and mobile, allowing your sales crew to deliver top-notch service wherever they are. They can also see clearly which sites are nearby by customer to provide regular drop in / site visits.

An all-in-one Plant Hire CRM doesn't just streamline tasks; it also lets you keep tabs on sales enquiries from inception to close. You'll understand why deals were made or missed thanks to insightful reports and transparent CRM metrics. This data empowers you to evaluate how your sales teams and locations are performing to fuel revenue growth.

With SitePad's Plant CRM software, you can:

  • Log site visits and touchpoints with prospective and current clients.
  • Manage sales enquiries and set tasks for team members.
  • View your emerging sales opportunities and dissect the reasons behind lost deals.
  • See the services that are on site
  • See total opportunity values