Prospects & Leads

Effortlessly Track your prospects & leads with SitePad construction lead management software

Track the source of your prospects in the platform and track them through the sales process. Easily store sales documents and specific details and track prospective construction sites on SitePad's map feature. Easily convert them into a live client once you've won the deal.

Prospect Segments

Segmenting your prospects is a crucial step in effectively managing your leads and tailoring your approach to each group. By understanding the unique characteristics and needs of different prospect segments, you can optimise your sales efforts and increase your chances of converting leads into customers.

Prospect Notes

The ability to store detailed Prospect Notes within SitePad's construction lead management software allows you to manage your business development meetings, calls and your team can record essential information, insights, and action items pertaining to each prospect.

Prospect Contacts

SitePad's construction CRM software allows you to create and manage multiple Prospect Contacts for each lead, making it easier to keep track of various decision-makers and influencers.

Prospect Documents

The Prospect Documents feature in SitePad's construction lead management software enables you to upload and view essential files and documents related to each prospect. These documents may include project proposals, construction plans, specifications, or legal contracts.

Barbour ABI Integration

SitePad's seamless integration with Barbour ABI offers a significant advantage in construction lead acquisition. Barbour ABI is a reputable source of construction-related leads and market intelligence. With the auto import feature, leads from Barbour ABI are automatically synced with your SitePad account

Lead Probability

The Lead Probability feature allows you to monitor and assess the likelihood of converting leads into customers. SitePad's construction lead management software includes prospect interactions, engagement history, and deal stages, to calculate the probability of successful conversions